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Learning how to contribute on the Lab Rats: Elite Force Wiki is the great way to set a good impression and become trusted with special privileges like being a staff member. Here is a guide on how to contribute properly.

Tools & Features

Learning how to use all of the tools and features on the Elite Force Wiki is the great way to start communicating with other users, engaging in various activities, and even communicate with Wiki "co-workers".


If many people ask the same questions on a wiki, the possibilities of you asking that question again is very high. So, we created a FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions) section on our wiki to allow visitors to see FAQ. There, all you have to do is click the question.


More Help Pages -- Coming Soon

More help pages will be coming soon to the Help Contents. If you request more assistance or more pages, contact the Help Page Director, Disnickfanatic (Head Admin/Bureaucrat).