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Super Strength is the bionic ability and/or super power to have strength above the normal species. It has been shown to make the user able to lift heavy objects, throw extremely large objects, or even create extreme physical force. The user's throw is also so powerful that any object thrown, no matter how light can pierce almost anything (i.e. keys through a wall, or Chase's backpack through steel doors). It has been shown to be a powerful ability for the user.


A person with super strength has a better chance at handling heavy impacts, but does not automatically gain invincibility, as they can still be harmed. In addition, the power may be dangerous in that user may not always know their own strength, as they may end up unintentionally breaking objects while doing mundane tasks, as was the case with Adam and Oliver.  For bionic superhumans, their strength level needs to be re-calibrated to adjust for their growth, because if their super strength is too high for their metrics, it can cause unpredictable glitches. 



Season 1


  • Oliver uses his super strength in The Rise of Five by being able to break open the metal bars that Skylar was being held hostage in by Roman & Riker.
  • The strongest man in the universe is The Crusher. However, Adam (from Lab Rats) was able to knock him out with his own strength, effectively contesting the title.
  • It is shown materials such as carbonex are hard enough to withstand beings with super strength.
  • When two beings with super strength clash, it creates a shock-wave, which was what happened in The List between Skylar, Roman & Riker.
  • All members of The Elite Force have had Super Strength at one point.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Peak Human Strength


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