NFS 9-0

Super Speed is the bionic ability and/or super power to run at inhuman speeds, even past the speed of sound (Mach 1). This ability can also be used to accelerate the user's movements to the ability to create extreme physical force with a punch. Users can also engage in speed fighting, where they throw super-fast movements against their opponents, as Bree and Skylar did against S-1 and Tecton respectively. Users can also jump very high by using superspeed to gain enough momentum. Bree was originally the fastest girl in the world, but due to Skylar regaining her super speed, it is unknown who is the fastest.


Strong adhesives or less viscous mediums such as ballistic gel can halt a person travelling at super speed. Super speeding for too long without stopping can cause the user's body to become worn out and even cause the heart to explode.  



Season 1


  • Prior to losing her powers, Skylar was the fastest girl in the world, being able to run at ten times the speed of sound. Since Bree received a bionic upgrade in The Vanishing, the title is now contested. Though technically, Bree would be the fastest girl in the world, as Skylar is from Caldera, not from Earth.