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Naomi Davenport is a character in Lab Rats: Elite Force. She is Donald Davenport's and Tasha Davenport's daughter.


Born in 2016 to Donald and Tasha Davenport, Naomi is an active child who can often be found exploring and on-the-go. She almost never cries, and she almost never takes to strangers (the exception being Skylar Storm.)

She lives in the basement of the Davenport Mansion (previously occupied by Bree, Chase and their brother.) Fortunately for her, her dad claims to have remodeled the basement and turned it into a more appropriate bedroom for a little girl.

Naomi visited Centium City when she was 11 months old and played with her big brother's invention, turning her into a 16-year-old in a matter of seconds. She has since been returned to her normal adorable self.

Much to Oliver's discomfort, she (like all babies) does not have kneecaps.

At first when Bree held Naomi she cried a lot but when Skylar did she didn't cry. After turning into a 16-year-old and Bree's big-sister confession to the older Naomi, when Naomi turned back to a baby she no longer cried when Bree held her.


Season 1


  • Naomi was foreshadowed in the Lab Rats series finale, "The Vanishing".
  • In the Lab Rats episode, "The Vanishing", Tasha states that she doesn't want Naomi to be bionic.
  • She is Leo's younger half-sister and Adam, Bree and Chase's adoptive half-sister/biological cousin.
  • She is Donald Davenport's first biological child.
  • She is Douglas' first niece if you don't count Bree by her adoption.
  • Her character names were originally Kira, and later Maya. Interestingly, the names progressed in alphabetical order but skipping L, which is Leo's first letter. It is unknown if this was intentional.
  • Naomi was mentioned in Need for Speed, as Mr. Davenport was absent because he wanted to be there for her since it was close to her birth.
  • Naomi was born sometime after Need for Speed and The List.
  • Donald was turning the lab in Mission Creek into a nursery for Naomi in The List.
  • They Grow Up So Fast marks her only physical appearance in the Elite Force Universe.
  • Strangely, Angel Parker has a daughter named Naomi.
  • She does not resemble Tasha, but rather her grandmother, Rose.


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