Well, that about does it Petey. Lets head over to Big Sals Pawn Shop on fifth street.
— Mrs. Ramsey to her pet pig, Petey

Mrs. Ramsey is a guest character in Lab Rats: Elite Force.

She is portrayed by Patrika Darbo.


Mrs. Ramsey trains odd animals to aid her in stealing from neighbors and pawn shops. Before she trained a ferret, but he was not good enough, so she trained a pig, Petey. She lives next to the Davenport Tower Penthouse. At the end of Power Play, she was taken to jail along with her pet pig, Petey.


Being a thief, Mrs. Ramsey has two personalities. Before preying on her victim, she is nice and cordial. She often times compliments a person and makes herself seem kind. But, her real personality is sneaky and conniving as shown as in Power Play.


Season 1


  • Aside from the main characters, she was the first confirmed character to be appearing in Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • She taught a pig and a ferret to do her crimes for her.
  • She has been using her pig to break into rich apartments for over a year.
  • She said she has a daughter, but that might not be true.