The missions are all of the tasks that the Elite Force has been assigned to accomplish. Official missions are where all or a majority of the team are completing a task, prepared with their Mission Suits or if the entire team of 5 is gathered together to take on a (group of) villain(s), Mission Suits or not. Unofficial missions are the freak accidents that happen while the EF is off duty, but they still have to save/rescue someone.

Season 1

Mission Mission Description Mission Leader Absentees Status Episode Notes
Rescue of Skylar Storm Rescue Skylar from Roman & Riker's captivity. Chase N/A Official; Success The Rise of Five First mission as The Elite Force.
Chase's first leading of a mission.
Rescue of Donald Davenport Rescue Donald from falling off of the tower. Oliver Bree
Unofficial; Success Holding Out for a Hero Oliver's first leading of a mission.
First time someone other than Chase leads.
Bree and Skylar's first absences.
Burglary at the Elite Force Penthouse Stop Mrs. Ramsey and Petey from stealing from the penthouse. Kaz Bree Unofficial; Success Power Play Kaz's first leading of a mission.
Rescue of Kyle Help Kyle escape from the security cage in the Weapons Vault. Kaz Bree
Unofficial; Success The Superhero Code Oliver's first absence.
Incident at the Centium City Arch Save the civilians from the damages at the Centium City Arch. Skylar Chase Official; Success Follow the Leader First mission using the new Mission Suits.
Skylar's first leading of a mission.
Chase's first absence.
Mission took place offscreen.
Collapse of Rogers Tunnel Make sure every civilian escapes the collapsing Rogers Tunnel safely. Chase Skylar Official; Success N/A
Help Chase, Skylar, and Perry escape the caved in tunnel. Oliver
N/A Official; Success First co-leading of a mission.
Meeting with Crossbow Protect Crossbow and the list of superhero locations from Roman & Riker. Skylar N/A Official; Success The List Crossbow was a guest participant in the mission and was almost a casualty.
Operation on Clutch's Foot Try and figure out a way to fix Clutch's broken foot. Oliver Bree
Unofficial; Success Coming Through in the Clutch N/A
Rescue of AJ Stop AJ's hoverbike before it exploded from overuse of the engine. Oliver
Unofficial; Success The Rock N/A
Arcturion Incident Save Bree's life before the Arcturion energy killed her. Skylar Chase
Unofficial; Success Kaz's first absence.
Mission resulted in Bree gaining super powers in addition to her bionics.
Battle on Caldera Rescue Skylar from Scarlett and the Opposition on the planet Caldera. Bree
Official; Failure Home Sweet Home Bree's first leading of a mission.
Oliver and Bree ended up getting captured as well.
First failed mission.
Save Skylar, Bree, and Oliver from falling into lava pit set up by Scarlett. Chase
N/A Official; Success Christina and the other 6 androids were guest participants.
Scarlett ended up getting herself killed.
10 Unkown Missions Descriptions unknown. Leaders unknown, likely Chase or Skylar N/A Official; Success (All) They Grow Up So Fast All missions took place offscreen.
Attack on Centium City Protect Centium City from Roman, Riker, Rodissius, and the rest of the shapeshifters. Chase
N/A Official; Retreated The Attack Aborted mission and retreated to the penthouse, as it was all a decoy.
Reese took the list of superheroes and incapacitated Douglas. She later on made her escape with Rodissius.