Mission Command is the Underground Headquarters for the Elite Force. It is one of the main locations on Lab Rats: Elite Force. Similar to the Lab on Lab Rats, this is where the team trains, plans for missions, and run other operations and functions. 


  • Supercomputers
  • Cyberdesk
  • TV/Monitor
  • Davenport Mosaic
  • Weapons Room
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Gym
  • Underground Tunnel Entrances
  • Industrial Freezer


  • Mission Command is similar to Mr. Davenport's lab in Lab Rats, as some of the components are alike, and can even double as a lab.
  • According to Donald, it is below the surface of the Earth.
  • It's connected to the Davenport Tower Penthouse via the hyperlift.
    • That is the same technology the Lab Rats used in Lab Rats to get from the mainland to the Bionic Academy except they used a hyperloop.
  • Skylar, Oliver and Kaz train to control their superpowers here.
  • Skylar regains her powers here. (Power Play)
  • Kyle was the first outsider to visit Mission Command in The Superhero Code, as visitors are normally not allowed.
  • Photographs of Mission Command are not allowed.
  • Skylar didn't know about the secret passageways connected to Mission Command underneath the city. This was how Perry got in. (Follow the Leader)
  • Technology from the Lab and Mighty Med like the wormhole transporter was transferred to Mission Command.
  • AJ was easily able to hack into the security system. (The Intruder)
  • There are secret tunnels connected to Mission Command that Kaz discovered and used to store all of his junk. (The Rock)
  • Skylar lost some of her powers here and Bree gained some Super Powers here due to the Arcturion. (The Rock)
  • Chase has made many of his inventions such as Christina (Home Sweet Home), his Drone (Game of Drones) and his age reversal device (They Grow Up So Fast) here.
  • Unlike Lab Rats, there is no Mission Specialist that runs Mission Command while the team is out saving the world.


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