Laser Weapon Generation is a bionic ability/superpower allowing the user to create weapons made of light/energy. It seems as though each user specializes in only one weapon and is incapable of creating any others with the power.


It is usually a non lethal weapon and so cannot be used to kill anyone most of the time. Usually, it tends to knock out or knock enemies away. It also seems as though each user can make one weapon with the power and is incapable of generating any other weapons with it. The energy is usually not intense enough to slice through solid matter, so it behaves like the weapon it is based off of, and can be parried by solid weapons. However, in some case, if powerful enough and enough energy is used, the weapon can slice through anything.




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    Each user in the EF universe known to have the ability has created a different weapon with it and of a different color (with the exception of Bree and Chase, whose weapons share color). Sebastian had a red pitchfork, Chase and Bree have a blue Bo staff and proton rings respectively, and Crossbow has an orange crossbow.
  • Bree stated in Coming Through in the Clutch, that Chase's Laser Bo could slice someone in half, but would only stun someone who is bionic and in Home Sweet Home, Bree's Proton Ring knocked Scarlett miles away into the sky, showing how powerful these weapons really are.
  • It is likely that bionic people who are siblings share laser weapon colors, thus explaining why Bree and Chase's objects are both blue, although Bree's laser weapon comes from her super powers and not her bionics.
  • Chase's Laser Bo never appeared in the series, despite being utilized in the theme song.

Also Called

  • Laser Constructs
  • Laser Weapon Constructs
  • Laser Weapon Construction
  • Energy Weapon Construction


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