Karis (K/elli and P/aris) is the friendship pairing of Kelli Berglund and Paris Berelc. They're best friends in real life.

For the in-show pairing of Bree and Skylar, see Brylar.

Other Names

  • Kellpa (Kell/i + Pa/ris)
  • Kellis (Kell/i + Par/is)
  • Pelli (P/aris + K/elli)
  • Parilli (Pari/s + Ke/lli)
  • Palli (Pa/ris + Ke/lli)


  • They've mentioned several times that they're best friends.
  • They went shopping together after the announcement of Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • Paris went with Kelli and Kelli's family to Disney Land in 2015.
  • They went into Knott's Scary Farm's Haunted House together.
  • Paris would ask Kelli for dating advice, they would often go shopping with each other, and they would ask each other advice for a birthday present for their mothers.[1]


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