Jilliam (J/ake and W/illiam) is the friendship pairing of Jake Short and William Brent.

For the in-show pairing of Oliver and Chase, see Choliver.


  • William called Jake 'Jakey' in a hashtag he used on Instagram.
  • Jake would pick either William or Bradley as his wingman, and William would take Jake as his wingman. Jake would ask either Kelli or William for advice if he would go on a first date. William would ask Jake for advice for a present for his mother. Jake would take William with him if he would get attacked by something like robbers.[1]


  • William previously guest starred in an A.N.T. Farm episode called "EndurANTs" with Jake, which was their first time working together. With William playing Berry Figgenbottom.
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  • Despite both actors previously being teased for being short, they are the tallest members of the Lab Rats: Elite Force main cast.
  • They both got bullied in the 4th grade due to being short.
  • Both of their favorite teachers were their 4th grade teachers. Jake's was Mrs. Rutz and William's was Mrs. McDaniels.


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