Gallery Policies
Below are the image and gallery specific policies and guidelines for the Elite Force Wiki. Please read them carefully before participating on the wiki, to be aware of what isn't allowed. If we catch you violating any of the following rules, a warning or notice will result. Please note that not reading these policies isn't an excuse.

Gallery & Image Policies

  • All rules from General Policies still apply.
  • No adding inappropriate pictures. Kids come on this site.
  • Try to add good quality pictures. If the picture is low quality, it will be removed in replace of the same picture, but with better quality.
  • Only add pictures that are focused on one person, unless it's a pairing/friendship or episode gallery.
  • Try not to add pictures that are already in the gallery. Before adding a picture(s), be sure to check the gallery to make sure the picture you plan on adding isn't already there.
  • Make sure the person's or people's face can be seen and it's not cut off.
  • For character galleries, try to keep images in a somewhat chronological order.
  • When adding pictures of characters or pairings, only add 3-4 pictures of the character/pairing per episode.
  • Do not make galleries for guest characters and guest cast members. Guest characters and guest casts can have a page, but not a gallery.
  • When adding pictures to episode galleries, do not add a picture of just one character. A picture of a single character can go on that character's gallery.
    • The only way a picture of one character can be added to an episode gallery is if they are shown doing something major in the picture. Otherwise, it will be removed from the gallery.
  • If you plan on making a gallery, please have at least 4 pictures ready to be put in the gallery instead of just 1 or 2. The point of having galleries is to show a variety of images, rather than just 1 or 2 images. If you make a gallery that only has 1 or 2 pictures, it will be deleted by an admin.