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Fanmade Episodes Theories | Official BrandonF


Actor Character Cast Section
Jake Short Oliver Main Cast
Bradley Steven Perry Kaz Main Cast
Paris Berelc Skylar Storm Main Cast
Kelli Berglund Bree Davenport Main Cast
Billy Unger Chase Davenport Main Cast
Thurop van Orman (voice) Lil Gideon Recurring


Ashley Argota S-1/ Taylor Recurring


Max Charles Spin (possibly; unconfirmed due to busy acting schedule on various shows) Recurring


Hal Sparks Donald Davenport (possibly) Recurring


Jamie Danbo Bridget/Mr.Terror Recurring


Stephan Root


Bud Gleeful Recurring


Brandon Frangipani Himself/Dark Brandon Recurring


Tyrel Jackson Williams (Possibly) Leo Dooley Guest Cast
Spencer Boldman


Adam Davenport Guest Cast
Jilon VanOver Tecton Guest Cast
James Ryen Megahertz Guest Cast
Carlos Lacámara Horace Diaz Guest Cast
Jessalyn Williams Giselle Vickers Guest Cast
Tank Guest Cast
Lexi Guest Cast
Jason Ritte (Voice) Dipper Pines Guest Cast
Kristen Schaal (Voice) Mabel Pines Guest Cast


Episode Title Episode Plot Production Code
Pilot (real episode name will be revealed later) Oliver, Kaz, and Skylar come to the Davenport Bionic Academy to tell Bree and Chase that Mighty Med has been destroyed by an unknown band of supervillains. Meanwhile, Bree introduces Brandon to the group, but Chase, Skylar, Kaz, and Oliver notice that Brandon is not what he seems. Kaz, Skylar, Bree, Oliver, Chase, and Brandon form the "Elite Force," so that they can track down the supervillains to keep the world safe. #101
A Twisted Turn of Events Brandon tells Bree and Chase that he has been planning a special surprise for Kaz's birthday party, but all his plans are put on hold when he is captured by Victor Krane. Bree and Chase try to track down Krane before he destroys Brandon. #102

Fanmade Episodes | BionicSuperhero

Recurring Cast from Lab Rats

  • Tyrel Jackson Williams as Leo Dooley
  • Spencer Boldman as Adam Davenport
  • Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport
  • Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport
  • Angel Parker as Tasha Davenport
  • Maile Flanagan as Terry Perry
  • Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob
  • Max Charles as Spin
  • Ashley Argota as Taylor

Main Cast

Actor/ Actress Character Cast Section
Billy Unger Chase Davenport Main Cast
Kelli Berglund Bree Davenport Main Cast
Bradley Steven Perry Kaz Main Cast
Jake Short Oliver Main Cast
Paris Berelc Skylar Storm Main Cast
John Alan Slatcha Alex/ Darcy Recurring Cast
Cody Christian Billy Recurring Cast
Ava Simbora Cindy Recurring Cast

Fanmade Episodes | MightyMed123

Hello guys, it's me, MightyMed123! Today I decided to start writing my own Fanmade Episodes, just to make things a little bit more interesting because who am I kidding the series premiere is so far away! Anyway, it won't be anything big as that's all I've got..


Actor/ Actress Character Cast Section
Jake Short Oliver Main Cast
Bradley Steven Perry Kaz Main Cast
Paris Berelc Skylar Storm Main Cast
Kelli Berglund Bree Davenport Main Cast
Billy Unger Chase Davenport Main Cast
Hal Sparks Donald Davenport Recurring Cast
Jeremy Kent Jackson Douglas Davenport Recurring Cast
Spencer Boldman Adam Davenport Recurring Cast
Tyrel Jackson Williams Leo Dooley Recurring Cast
Carlos Lacámara Horace Diaz Recurring Cast
Devan Leos Alan/ Hapax the Elder Recurring Cast
Augie Isaac Gus Recurring Cast
Jamie Dambo Mr. Terror (Voice of Richard Epcar)/ Bridget Recurring Cast
Mike Beaver Optimo/Nelson Gonzalez Recurring Cast
Jilon VanOver Tecton Recurring Cast
James Ryen Megahertz Recurring Cast
Jeremy Howard Phillip Recurring Cast
John J. Joseph Mort Recurring Cast
Cole Sprouse Brain Boy Recurring Cast
Dylan Sprouse Stone Man Recurring Cast
Sambrina Carpenter Emily Recurring Cast
Debby Ryan Remix/Baily Pickett Recurring Cast
Piper Curda Emma Guest Cast
Olivia Holt Tiffany Guest Cast
Bradley Dodds Captain Atomic Guest Cast
Carly Hollas Solar Flare Guest Cast

Season 1



Episode Title Episode Plot
#101 The Last Might

Part 1

Picking up right where we left off, Mr.Terror confronts Kaz, Oliver, Skylar and Horace in Mighty Med. She has planned to destroy the hospital, so that when she destroys every superhero one by one, they won't have a place to heal. After tracking down most of the superheroes around, she turns her attention to Oliver.At this point,she is trying to convince Oliver to join her and become evil. Due to Oliver's strength of character, he makes it clear to his mother that he will never ever join her. Disappointed and furious, Bridget attacks Tecton and knocks him down ,placing her gold bracelet in Tecton's wounds in order to prevent him from healing. When Bridget is ready to kill Tecton, Megahertz shows up, saying that if anyone killed Tecton, it would be him! Megahertz surpisingly blocks Mr.Terror's attack with his electricity blast. Philip then recalls that his planet, therefore the Arcturion has an important weakness. " Of course! It's electricity! This is why all our energy comes from your yellow sun, in my planet we can't even understand electricity, let alone use it! I am so glad I came to Earth". Suddenly, Captain Atomic and Solar Flare show up and injure Megahertz, without knowing he saved Tecton's life. Bridget recovers and makes her way out of the ruined, shattered hospital, swaring to overcome that weakness and get revenge. "This is terrible! What do we do now!", says Oliver. "Don't worry, I have an idea" states Kaz.

" Remember that guy Donald Davenport and the four bionic people?". "You mean Chase, Bree, Adam and Leo, yes of course" says Oliver. " I have a feeling that they can help us! They have invented so many things and all those powerful bionics can come in handy vs Bridget". "I think I know what you are trying to say. Let's go!" Oliver and Kaz figure out what's wrong with Tecton and heal him. They then leave Mighty Med.

After Oliver and Kaz get to the bionic island, they find Adam, Chase, Bree and Leo and explain them everything. Meanwhile, Bridget is planning her revenge.

_______ Cody's Diary Entry I remember attending that study for twins some years ago, with my brother, Zack. Ever since, I have been no stranger to supernatural things. I've been into so many adventures and situations that nothing seems weird when it comes to supernatural. But I can see them, they are everywhere amongst us. Zack suggests I am losing my mind. I'm not losing my mind, am I? Besides, it's too late now. What's done is done. I am approaching the building. It all comes down to this.
#102 The Last Might Part 2 Picking up right where we left off, Kaz and Oliver are in the Bionic Academy explaining to the Lab Rats what happened. Surprisingly, Mr.Terror shows up and threatens to destroy all the facilities of the bionic island if Oliver doesn't join her side. Kaz stays close to his friend and with a powerful speech, he confronts Mr.Terror along with Chase, Bree, Adam and Leo. Disappointed and furious, Mr.Terror starts destroying everything in her way. It is Adam who challenges her, but he gets easily blown away. Donald and Douglas arrive, and when they ask what is happening, Leo explains them the situation briefly while the others are battling Bridget. In a vain attempt to stop her, Bree and Chase try to use their bionics, without any results. Mr.Terror seems unstoppable. And she is preparing wipe out the island, with everyone in it.
#103 The Last Might

Part 3

''Any last words"? Suddenly,after a terrifying sound of thunder, Bridget's powers are neutralized. ''No, it can't be", Bridget screams. "Oh yeah, believe it". Nobody else could have possibly achieved this but those two. The Twins of justice.

Everyone in the room is shocked. And so is Mr.Terror. After Zack and Cody introduce themselves, they explain everything and the purpose of their visit. Mr. Terror is so weak that she cannot even stand still. Soon, Douglas arrives with his newly- discovered weapon that is able to destroy even the most poweful villains and structures. He aims at Bridget. ''Nooooo!" says Oliver with a screaming voice. To everyone's surprise Oliver is able to block the laser, revealing his gyrokinesis power. "She is my mother, I know her actions cannot be justified but she is still my mother, can't we just find a way to get her good again?". During all that chaos, Mr. Terror manages to escape with her transportation powers. "We've lost her! That stinks!" says Kaz.

After everything is settled, it is Cody who has the idea. "How about creating an Elite Force in order to keep the world safe and band down all the supervillains, including Destructo. "Destructo? Who's that" asks Adam and Oliver at the same time. "It's a long story, but during all those years I have observed and seen stuff no other person whatsover could even comprehend". "Ehmm, excuse me?" , says Chase. Anyway, our heroes organise themselves and get down to work, forming their elite force. When Horace arrives in the bionic island, he agrees with Davenport to reconstruct Mighty Med from the beginning. Douglas, Adam and Leo stay in the Bionic Island to help restore its condition. Cody, who calls himself "The Architect" along with Zack, leave, but it will definitely not be their last appearance. Oliver, Kaz, Skylar, Chase and Bree team up. The Elite Force is a fact.

#104 Chase is curious! After the formation of the Elite Force, our heroes are trying to settle down and adapt to the new situation. Everyone seems to have no problems, but for Chase. His super intelligence cannot understand the existence of superpowers. Bionics are based on science, whereas there is no logical explanation for the source of superpowers.

Chase looks determined to analyse what makes superpowers what they are. Oliver stays to help him. Meanwhile, Bree receives a bouquet of flowers from a secret fan, so Kaz and Skylar try to find out who send the flowers.

Chase has become obsessed with experimenting, he doesn't sleep or eat. Oliver agrees to help him. The two of them work on the project for 3 days and they get close to something. Chase insists on experimenting on himself, despite Oliver warning him about possible side effects.

Kaz and Skylar go to the florist's and ask for the adress of the person who sent Bree flowers. Surprisingly, the adress is the Annihilator's ex-lair. Who would have thought! Kaz and Skylar set for the Annihilator's lair. Bree realises what they are up to and follows them.

When Kaz and Skylar reach the Annihilator's lair, they find a teenage man dressed up with his face covered. Scared of his appearance, Skylar and Kaz start battling him.

Meanwhile, Chase has used the formula he created on himself. Oliver receives a text message from Kaz, telling him to come at the Annihilator's Lair. Oliver asks why, but Kaz says: "It's a long story". "Just do it". Chase and Oliver head to the lair.

Bree enters the lair first as soon as she arrives and sees Kaz and Skylar battling with the mysterious man. Although she wouldn't like it, she gets involved too. Soon, Oliver and Chase arrive. That mysterious man seems to have telekinesis and is able to block the attacks of Skylar, Kaz and Bree. When Bree goes near with her super speed, she gets turned into a frog by the mysterious man! "Wait a minute, I know that power". "You're Alan, aren't you?" says Kaz. Alan uncovers his face and talk to them.

However, Chase, who didn't know who was Alan or which were his intentions, touches Kaz at random and suddenly his override app is activated on Alan, causing Chase to be able to control the superpowers!

"Wow" says Oliver. "That formula must have granted you the ability to use your override app on superpowers". "This is awesome", says noone else but Kaz.

The episode ends with Alan visiting the Elite Force facilities and apologising for everything he caused. He defends himself by saying :"I just had a crush on Bree. Im really sorry". Although Bree feels satisfied, she turns Alan down. Alan then returns to the Annihilator's lair, his new private house.

#105 Power Play When Mrs. Ramsey, the school theater teacher, is casting a superhero play, Oliver and Kaz get involved as "advisors". But when Megahertz and Tecton are casted as themselves, it is up to Kaziver to make sure there won't be any abnormalities.
#106 Wrong Side of The Tracks Chase and Bree are missing Leo and Adam, so they decide to visit them in the Bionic Island. But a mysterious villain seems to be stalking them. Now it all comes down to Kaz, Skylar and Oliver to save them.
#107 The Green Event Episode starts with Kaz, Oliver and Chase thinking of attending a football match. However, Wallace and Clyde visit Kaz and Oliver, asking for the Elite Force's help.They have proof that The Exterminator has returned and is planning to sabotage the football game and insist on stopping him. They three agree with Wallace and Clyde and get to work.

Meanwhile, Bree mentions to Skylar that she has always wanted a sister. So, they decide to spend some quality girl time together.

#108 Elite


When Gus decides to meet Chase and Bree and visits the Elite Force and Terry Perry arrives to stay with them, the Elite Force is finding itself struggling. With the superhero secret on the line, anything is possible.
#109 The Destiny Rise Cody and Zack arrive with astonishing news that bring panic to the Elite Force. A new villain, Destructo, notorious through the seven galaxies, is planning the Earth conquest. Cody opens up a portal with his space portal creation power and Bree jumps in it, using her invisibility power to find out as much as she can about Destructo and bring the news to the Elite Force.

Oliver and Kaz go back to the under-construction Mighty Med to find the warmhole transponter. Then, Kaz, Oliver,Chase, Zack and Cody travel to different places around the world to destroy Destructo's drones.

#110 That's How We Do TBA
#111 The Incident TBA
#112 Truth



#113 Three's company TBA
#114 The One That

Got Away

#115 Double Trouble TBA

You're The One That I want.

#117 Bad Moon Rising TBA
#118 May The Elite Force Be

With You

#119 The Elite Force Awakens TBA
#120 The End of The Line TBA

The Last Might | Eliteforcer


Oliver, Kaz, Skylar, Bree, and Chase contact eachother after Mighty Med & Mighty Max are destroyed by a band of unknown super-villains.


(Previously on Lab Rats and Mighty Med: Bree and Chase discover their true origins and start dating, while Oliver and Kaz are flying around the city.) Skylar replies to Chase's call, and says ok then she, Oliver, and Kaz come-over. Bree and Chase announce they are now in a relationship and their true orgins to Oliver, Kaz, and Skylar. Oliver, Kaz, and Skylar explain that Mighty Med has been destroyed alongside Mighty Max by unknown super-villains and also explain Bridget. Mr. Davenport then approaches them and they tell him about Mighty Med & Mighty Max destruction + Bridget. He then introduces all new completely revamped Mission Suits for Oliver, Kaz, Skylar, Bree, and Chase. Bree and Chase introduce to Oliver, Kaz, and Skylar their bedrooms and introduce them to mission creek and everything.

Bree Storm | Eliteforcer


Oliver, Kaz, and Chase take Bree and Skylar to Caldera, after discovering Bree is Skylar's bigger sister and a Calderan not a human, also meaning Bree's full name is Bree Storm.


Oliver and Chase finish working on a new wormhole transporter and when they show it to Kaz, Skylar, and Bree, they all go to Caldera together but Bree forgets her atmosphere regulator package. Chase gets very worried about her not making it because of the extreme climate on Caldera. Bree acts just fine and feels the same way Skylar feels. After walking alot of miles, Oliver, Kaz, Skylar, Bree, and Chase see a women who looks like Skylar and Bree in a way, when they talk to her they discover that she is their mother, Bree is immortal, and Bree is a older sister to Skylar. Chase reacts to this by telling Bree that its why people as beutiful as her are so rare on Earth. They all return to Earth after meeting Bree and Skylar's mom.

Brylar Fashion Line | Eliteforcer


Kaz, Skylar, and Bree join forces together and create their own fashion line, while Oliver and Chase go to a competition but then something goes horribly wrong causing everything to get cancelled.


Bree, Skylar, and Kaz are watching a fashion show on a tablet, and then they 3 decide to make their own fashion line. When Oliver and Chase hear about that, Oliver tells them "good luck" but Chase puts them down by saying " I couldn't care less". Bree, Skylar, and Kaz together start designing many outfits, in order to have them all presented into a fashion show. While Oliver and Chase are on the way to the mathlympics, Oliver tells Chase they should've helped Bree, Skylar, and Kaz instead of leaving them behind. While in the car, Bree admits she does'nt really like Chase, but then Kaz pretends to support her and talk her out of disliking him but he purposefully, causes Bree to like him instead. Bree then says to Kaz he is right and she should slowly break up with Chase mainly because they have nothing in common.

Fanmade Episodes | Proffesor X


Main Cast

  • Billy Unger as Chase Davenport
  • Bradley Steven Perry as Kaz
  • Jake Short as Oliver
  • Kelli Berglund as Bree Davenport
  • Paris Berelc as Skylar Storm

Recurring Cast

  • Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport
  • Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport
  • Spencer Boldman as Adam Davenport
  • Tyrel Jackson Williams as Leo Dooley
  • Carlos Lacámara as Horace Diaz
  • Devan Leos as Alan Diaz
  • Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Jordan
  • Auggie Issac as Gus
  • Madison Pettis as Janelle
  • Ashley Argota as Taylor
  • Brandon Salgado-Terris as Bob
  • Max Charles as Spin
  • Jilon VanOver as Tecton
  • Ben Giroux as Dark Warrior
  • Mike Beaver as Óptimo
  • Carly Hollas as Solar Flare
  • Alina Andrei as Alley Cat
  • Jenelle McKee as Gamma Girl
  • Jamie Dambo as Bridget/Mr. Terror
  • James Ryan as Megahertz
  • Isabelle Furhman as Teckla
  • Elle Fanning as Twilight
  • Grace Phipps as Veritas
  • Nancy Patiño as Mandy Stark
  • Liv Tyler as Miss Blanchett
  • Ross Butler as The Black Samurai
  • Cody Simpson as Simon
  • Logan Lerman as Blaze
  • Jack Black as Mr. Hannigan
  • Hugo Weaving as Dr. Hydron

Guest Cast

  • Piper Curda as Maiara
  • Lucien Laviscount as Helios
  • Debby Ryan as Remix
  • Gianna LePera as Spark
  • Brett Johnson as Blue Tornado
  • Dove Cameron as Galactic Girl
  • Bradley Dodds as Captain Atomic
  • Liam Hemsworth as Steel


101 The Last Might

After Mighty Med is destroyed, Kaz, Oliver and Skylar decide to hide from Bridget until they find a safe place to stay, they are attacked by a mysterious figure, but are saved by Kaz's neighbour Mandy. They're taken to the Bionic Island where they find all the superheroes alive and well. They vow to take down the ones who dared to destroy Mighty Med and along with Bree and Chase, they form the Elite Squad. 

102 Haunted Melody

It's Halloween and the guys are looking foward to have fun, but some "undead" musicians are hypnotizing people to do their bidding with their music. Bree and Skylar are the only ones unaffected by this, as Bree has a temporal hearing problem and Skylar has a strong mind and is able to resist hypnosis. When they learn that the mystical power instruments are the only thing that can defeat them, they consult Remix for help, will she be able to help? 

Spike's Back| by NitinLikesLabRats

Plot: When Chase's bionic chip gets a little old, it causus him to get a deadly disease. Oliver and Kaz then find out if his blood pressure gets a little too high, Chase would turn on the Elite Force and would then be able to destroy the squad because it would allow him to use every bionic ability ( only if he's evil ). Which gives them an unexpected visit from Spike

SubPlot: When Sklyar and Bree get tired of sharing rooms with the superheroes, they end up sharing room with each other, which causes a few problems.

Main Cast

  • Billy Unger as Chase Davenport
  • Kelli Berglund as Bree Davenport
  • Bradely Steven Perry as Kaz
  • Paris Belec as Skyar Storm
  • Jake Short as Oliver