Editing Policies
Below are the editing specific policies and guidelines for the Elite Force Wiki. Please read them carefully before participating on the wiki, to be aware of what isn't allowed. If we catch you violating any of the following rules, a warning will result. Please note that not reading these policies isn't an excuse.

Editing Policies

  • All rules from General Policies still apply.
  • Making unnecessary edits to earn badges (Badge-gaming) is not allowed - We use the badge system to keep track of users article edits, or to see who's most active, etc. and badge-gaming is basically an abuse of the system, which is not allowed on the wiki. Badge-gaming is when users add something to an article, then remove it right after, adding unnecessary periods, commas, etc. We typically won't warn you the first time you're caught, but if you start badge-gaming a repeated number of times, we'll start giving out warnings.
  • Only rename a page if necessary, as if a character's full name is revealed, etc - Generally, we don't like users renaming pages a lot, though in some cases it is necessary to do so. This is the only time we allow the renaming of pages. There are pages that are off-limits to renaming as well, which are any Community Portal pages.
  • Do not vandalize pages - This is a big rule on the wiki. Our wiki is designed to be an encyclopedia for everything Lab Rats: Elite Force related, and we have over 100 pages filled with factual information from the show. We strictly prohibited any users from adding false information to pages, replacing the content with gibberish, etc. Depending on how bad the vandalism is, you may be instantly blocked.
  • Template Rules:
    • Do not mess up important templates - We use templates on the wiki for a variety of things and some of these templates are important ones, and we don't want users editing them.
    • Do not use any Staff only templates without permission - Some templates on the wiki are reserved to our Staff, such as warning templates, block templates, etc. for us to post on a user's wall if they need to be notified. Regular users though are not allowed to use these templates in anyway on the wiki.