Chouglas (Ch/ase and D/ouglas) is the pairing of father and son, Douglas and Chase Davenport. They are very similar. They have saved each others lives, but Chase also double-crossed and froze him. Chase and Douglas step up for each other every now and then. They do a lot together, and it is assumed Douglas considers Chase his favorite out of all the Lab Rats.

They are protrayed by William Brent and Jeremy Kent Jackson.


Season 1

Need for Speed

  • They agreed on designing the mission suits together, instead of doing it with Kaz and Oliver.
  • They worked together to design the mission suits.

The Attack

  • Chase stayed with Douglas when he was injured.


  • Chase and Douglas have many of the same ideas.
  • Chase and Douglas also have similar hairstyles, due to their hair standing at the front.

Other Names

  • Couglas (C/hase and D/ouglas)
  • Douglase (Dougl/as and Ch/ase)
  • Chaglas (Cha/se and Dou/glas)
  • Chaseglas (Chase and Dou\glas)


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Chouglas (NfS)
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