Chat Moderators

Chat Moderators are the chat monitors of the Lab Rats: Elite Force Wikia. They are users who patrol the chat making sure users are following the chat guidelines, and not violating them. Chat Moderators are active on this Wiki, they are able to do some more things than just the regular user. If you have a question involving chat, just ask them.

What Can Chat Moderators Do?

Chat moderators are users who have chat moderator status in chat in order to moderate a wikia's chat room. They are able to block users from chat, which will kick a user out of the chat and ban them from returning until a chat moderator or an admin unbans them from the users' contributions page, or if the ban expires.

Having this status causes "CHAT MODERATOR" to appear next to the username on the user's userpage.

If you wish to become a chat mod, follow the form here.

Current Chat Moderators

Below is a list of the current chat moderators on our wiki.


Code: ChatMod

LogoThis user is a chat mod.