Centium City is the city in which the Elite Force Penthouse is located. It is the main location of Lab Rats: Elite Force. It is the city where Donald and Douglas grew up in, and the city Perry was born in.

Known Residents


Places in Centium City

Streets and Roads

  • 5th Street
  • 128th Street


  • It is a fictional city.
  • It's not established what state Centium City is in (this is similar to DC Comics, where they have a city with no state that it is specifically located in).
  • Much like how Mission Creek and Philadelphia were the main locations of Lab Rats and Mighty Med, respectively, Centium City is the main location of Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • Centium City has 86 costume shops. (The Rise of Five)
  • It is probably a parody of New York City.
    • Davenport Tower might be a parody of Stark Tower from Avengers.
    • Centium City may be a parody of Central City in The Flash (due to having a similar name).
  • Donald revealed to have lived in Centium City in his childhood. This would be true for Douglas as well. 
  • Roman & Riker live by the subway station in Centium City. (The Rise of Five)
  • Perry is revealed to have been born in (or specifically under) Centium City, and moves back in Follow the Leader.
  • Due to the Davenport Tower's glass-like structure, it can be assumed that Centium City is located in the Chicago area.


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Centium City
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