Brelli (Br/adley and K/elli) is the real-life friendship pairing between Bradley Steven Perry and Kelli Berglund.

For the in-show pairing of Bree and Kaz, see Braz.


  • Kelli tweeted: Current Mood: Mama Penguin @bradley_s_perry @bradley_s_perry[1]
    • Bradley replied: FIRST.[2]
  • Kelli wished Bradley a Happy Birthday on Twitter.
  • Bradley tweeted a picture of Kelli, calling her a model.[3]
  • Kelli tweeted: 'bradley tried to order a... trente' (Bradley favorited & retweeted)
    • Bradley replied with 'and?'
    • Kelli replied with a gif saying 'beauty fades, dumb is forever'.
    • Bradley replied with a gif saying 'you think I'm beautiful?'
    • Kelli replied with this[4] gif.
    • Bradley replied with a gif of a guy who is about to cry.
  • Kelli tweeted a snapchat picture about Bradley that says "Lunch W THE NUMBER 1 BAEEEEE".
  • In this interview, Kelli said that she has gotten really close to Bradley.


  • They usually stand beside each other in photos.


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