Bree, can you burn my retinas with your flashlight hands?
— Kaz to Bree in The Attack

Braz is the friendship/romantic pairing between Bree Davenport and Kaz.

For the real life pairing of Bradley Steven Perry and Kelli Berglund, see Brelli.

Other Names

  • Kree (K/az + B/ree)
  • Kee (K/az + Br/ee)
  • Kazee (Kaz + Br/ee)
  • Brez (Bre/e + Ka/z)


Bree and Kaz the typical 'love/hate' friendship/relationship. They bicker a lot, due to having totally opposite personalities. Kaz being a total goofball and Bree being calm and responsible. They have shown that they care about each other; for example in The Attack, when Bree yelled Kaz's name when he got hurt after he had stood in front of her after she had insulted Rodissius, in a way protecting her (not that she needs to be protected). Overall, they do seem to care about each other despite their differences.


Season 1

The Rise of Five

  • Bree went to retrieve Kaz in Centium City.
  • Kaz told Bree that she didn't have to stay, but then asked her to "stick around" when Roman & Riker activated their powers.

Power Play

  • The subplot focuses on the both of them.
  • Kaz pet-sits a pig which Bree doesn't like.
  • Kaz and Bree were locked out by a pig.
  • Kaz and Bree rode an elevator together.
  • Bree implied she wanted to kick Kaz.
  • Kaz and Bree argued in the living room when Bree found Petey. Kaz seemed offended when Bree technically called him (Kaz) a pig.

The Superhero Code

  • Bree asked Kaz if he showered because she did not smell him come in.

Follow the Leader

  • Bree was annoyed by Kaz's Elite Force sound effect.
  • Bree was annoyed by Kaz's (and Oliver's) topple the tower game.
  • Kaz said that Bree was right when she said they could figure out how to save Chase and Skylar.
  • He said her idea was genius.

The List

  • They were sat next to eachother at the start of the episode and both read the letter from Mr. Davenport.
  • Kaz was playing with the doll of Bree (and Chase) before they took them away from him.
  • Bree mocked Kaz about the dolls.
  • Kaz used the cyber cloak to look like Bree.
  • They hi-fived each other when their cyber-mask plan worked.

Coming Through in the Clutch

  • Bree and Kaz were having a conversation before Oliver walked in.

The Intruder

  • Bree called Kaz (and Oliver) disgusting.
  • They came up with the challenge and were the first to shake hands.
  • They were arguing at the start of the episode.
  • Kaz mentioned that Bree had used her vocal manipulation to sound like him when Davenport called so she didn't have to talk to him.
  • Bree used her invisibility app to mess with Kaz.
  • Bree put her hand on Kaz's shoulder.
  • Bree threw Kaz's phone and hi-tops off the terrace to mess with him.
  • Kaz told Oliver that Bree's a she-devil.
  • Bree threw Kaz's underwear out of the window, making them land on his head.
  • Bree used the cyber-cloak to trick Kaz into using his powers.
  • Bree threw Kaz's hotdogs off the terrace.

The Rock

  • Bree held Kaz's arm back when he was going to attack AJ.

Home Sweet Home

  • When Bree played Oliver's song about Skylar on her phone, Kaz asked if she could forward it to him.
  • Bree nods and appears to be attempting to forward the song to Kaz with her phone as they both laugh.
  • When Bree plays it again, her and Kaz dance to the song together.
  • Oliver leaped for his phone, so Bree handed it off to Kaz, who ran off with Oliver chasing him.
  • It is implied Bree actually forwarded Kaz the song, as he had it as his ringtone when Oliver was calling him.


  • Kaz says his sight's set on Bree for a prank.
  • Bree calls Kaz's popcorn prank "lame", and says she could see his shoe sticking out.
  • Kaz shape-shifts into Bree and says she smells like flowers.
  • Bree takes Kaz as a sheep away, not knowing it was him.
  • Bree had let Kaz lick her hand, not knowing it was him.
  • Bree asks if Kaz could be kept as a sheep for a bit longer so they can create a sweater out of him.

The Attack

  • Kaz kept mocking Bree's flashlight hands.
  • Bree yelled Kaz's name when he got knocked down by the shapeshifters.
  • Bree helped Kaz up.
  • Kaz stepped in front of Bree after she insulted Rodissius and he walked closer to her, in a way protecting Bree.


  • They're both of Irish descent.
  • Both often are shown together in photos.
  • They both possess heat related powers.


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